• Trash Free Tuesdays

    Posted on April 20, 2015 by in PTA News

    Our Beautification Committee has been picking up trash in the lunch area for the past couple of months. They have a goal to reduce the single use plastic on campus. They realized most of the trash, sometimes up to 140 pieces, is mostly film plastic, ziploc bags, pieces of granola bars or chip bags etc. They are starting a Trash Free Tuesday program. If your child brings a lunch on Tuesdays, beginning tomorrow with no waste- only reusable items that you can wash at home and use again, then they will bring their lunch to us before they eat and they will get a raffle ticket. Each week we will raffle off something they can use on Trash FreeTuesday or better yet, everyday. The children who eat in the cafeteria have to bring all the trash served that day to us after they eat to get a raffle ticket.

    Please help the Beautification Committee make a difference at Foothill. Thank you…Lilly, Megan, Will, Anthony, Calvin, Mateo and Teri Briggs.

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