Third Grade

3rd Grade


KidRex – Safe Search for Kids
Ducksters – Research site for Kids – Free Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia Britannica 
DK Find Out
Kids Wordsmyth – Online Dictionary
Learner’s Dictionary – Merriam-Webster
Fact Monster
Dewey Browse
Create a Graph
Free Rice – Play and Feed Hungry People
Kidspace – Information for Kids
Khan Academy – Watch, Practice, Learn Almost Anything!
SmarterBalanced Practice Tests

Educational Games

Arcademic Skill Builders

Language Arts

Spelling City – Practice for Spellling Tests
Acrostic Poems
Diamante Poems
Stapleless Little Book
3rd Grade Language Arts Skill Builders
DK Find Out – Parts of Speech
Rags to Riches – Quotation Marks Game
Grammar Games – Sheppard Software
Grammar Practice Park– Harcourt Publishers
Adjective Adventure Game
Learning Planet – Rats Adjective Game
The Plural Girls
2Bee or Nottobee – Present/Past tense
Parts of Speech – Enchanted Learning
Tenses Quiz
Contractions Quiz
Parts of Speech Quiz
FunBrain Mad Libs
FunBrain Grammar Gorillas
Maggie’s Grammar Adventures
Harcourt Grammar Glossary
Word Invasion
Wordle – Word Clouds
AR Book Finder


Place Value Town Creator
Thinking Blocks
That’s a Fact – Harcourt Math Facts
Math Trainer – Multiplication
MathPlayground – Games, Word Problems, How-to Videos
Math Games – Sheppard Software
Coin Box
Drag-N-Drop Math
Math Games – Mr. Nussbaum – Math Games, Online Quizzes, Flash cards, etc.
Math Magician – Multiplication
Tony Fraction Pizza Game
Measuring Area & Perimeter
Dunk Tank – Area
FunBrain – Area and Perimeter
Halloween Math Games – Math Playground


Type Rocket
Cup Stacking Typing
Alpha Munchies
Keyboard Invasion
Keyboarding Challenge
Dance Mat Typing
Typing Ghosts

Social Studies

The First Thanksgiving

Branches of Government

Ask Ben – Branches of Government
Branches of US Government
US Government for Kids – Ducksters 

USA Symbols

Ask Ben – Symbols of US Government
US Symbols – Enchanted Learning
The Great Seal of the United States
Flags of the USA
The Liberty Bell

Santa Barbara County

Goleta History
Stow House
Santa Barbara Mission

Chumash Native Americans

Chumash Indians – Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians
Chumash for Kids
Channel Island Chumash
Wishtoyo Chumash Foundation


Zoom School – Countries
Stately Knowledge

Helping the World Around Us

Free Rice – Play and Feed Hungry People
Pennies for Peace



Animals A-Z
Animal Bytes – San Diego Zoo
Animal Notebooks
Endangered Animals – Animal Fact Sheets
Endangered Animals – Ducksters
ActiveWild – Endangered Animals
DK Find Out – Endangered Animals
Endangered Earth
Endangered Animals-Animal Corner
Endangered Animals – Enchanted Learning
Animal Facts & Pictures – National Geographic
Trout – Stream Explorers
Taking Care of Crayfish
Crayfish – EnchantedLearning


DK Find Out – Weather
Weather for Kids
Weather WizKids
Floods – National Geographic for Kids
Ducksters – Earth Science
The Water Cycle for Kids
DK Find Out – Water Cycle
The Water Cycle
The Water Cycle – National Geographic
DK Find Out – Clouds
Cloud Facts for Kids
Types of Clouds


Sonia’s Science Project Form