• Highlights of the Month – March 2015

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    March Highlights of the Month

    We are glad to share 6 of our fabulous Foothill Community members with you for the month of March. Adrianne Adam 1st grade Teacher, Sheri Scott Kindergarten Teacher, Dalia Lopez Playground Supervisor, Kerri Gertz Psychologist/Counselor, Teri Sturz Instructor Assistant Resource, Becky Gilberston English Language Development. They have been asked 5 student/children generated question as a fun way to learn more about them. Please enjoy the responses. Thank you for all those who participated in the Highlights of the Month.

    Question: What is your favorite Restaurant?

    1. Adrianne Adam: The Rose Cafe

    2. Sheri Scott: Sakana Sushi Bar

    3. Dalia Lopez: I actually don’t have a favorite place.

    4. Kerri Gertz: The Alley at the breakwater. I love their fish tacos.

    5. Teri Sturz: Opal, or Renaud’s for breakfast

    6. Becky Gilbertson: Santa Barbara Shellfish on Stearn’s Wharf

    Question: What was your first Job?

    1. Adrianne Adam: My first job was teaching tennis at a summer tennis camp.

    2. Sheri Scott: Waitress in a coffee shop

    3. Dalia Lopez: Rusty’s Pizza phone center at the age of 14.

    4. Kerri Gertz: In high school I worked for a Podiatrist on upper State Street and I used to have to bandage people’s feet. When your feet hurt, you can be really grumpy!

    5. Teri Sturz: First job was a bus girl in a restaurant

    6. Becky Gilbertson: Administrative assistant position at my college.

    Question: What do you like to eat for Breakfast?
    1. Adrianne Adam: Lots of yogurt and granola, bagels and oatmeal.

    2. Sheri Scott: Matzo Brie

    3. Dalia Lopez: Depending on my mood, I’ll have oatmeal with walnuts, cut up apples, and raisins. Or your standard breakfast eggs, sausage, and pancakes.

    4. Kerri Gertz: I love Belgian waffles with lots of powdered sugar, but I usually eat fish.

    5. Teri Sturz: Soft boiled egg with English muffin and pineapple juice (special treat an almond croissant from Renaud’s)

    6. Becky Gilbertson: Half a papaya (or other fresh fruit) and peanut butter and jelly on toast.

    Question: Who is your hero?

    1. Adrianne Adam: My Mom!

    2. Sheri Scott: My Mom and Dad

    3. Dalia Lopez: My Mother, she’s awesome! I’ve always admired her courage.

    4. Kerri Gertz: My heroine is Pearl Matthews who was my Santa Barbara High 5. School English Literature teacher. She made 19th century poetry breathe life. Every poem was saturated with so many meanings and we could always apply the poem to enrich our own lives. I still think of her often.

    5. Teri Sturz: My hero is my mom

    6. Becky Gilbertson: My grandmother. As a child she played piano for the queen (of England), then as a young adult emigrated to first Canada and later to California. She spent much of her time as a single parent during the Great Depression and later became the best grandmother ever! She made homemade bread every single day, gardened, and canned fruit, veggies, and jams from her harvest.

    Question: What is your favorite flower?

    1. Adrianne Adam: I love sunflowers because they are bright and cheery

    2. Sheri Scott: I have 2: roses and sunflowers

    3. Dalia Lopez: Dahlia flower (hence my name)

    4. Kerri Gertz: I love roses (but not the thorns!) I am learning a lot about roses as I joined the Rose Society last year.

    5. Teri Sturz: All flowers are my favorite

    6. Becky Gilberston: This one’s tough. I enjoy most flowers. I think I’ll vote forĀ orchids if I have to pick!




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