Family School

Family School


Ducksters – Research site for Kids – Free Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia Britannica 
Wolfram|Alpha – Search Engine
KidRex – Safe Search for Kids
Kids Wordsmyth – Online Dictionary
Learner’s Dictionary – Merriam-Webster
Create a Graph
Free Rice – Play and Feed Hungry People
Ology – American Museum of Natural History
Fact Monster
Biographies – Mr. Nussbaum
Welcome to WebRangers!
Kidspace – Internet Public Library

Educational Games

Arcademic Skill Builders
Mr. Nussbaum

Language Arts

Spelling City
Storyline Online
Starfall – Learn to Read
Acrostic Poems
Diamante Poems
Race to Ramses
GrammarBlast – Grades 2-5
GrammarBlast – Grades 6-8
Kid’s Place – Houghton Mifflin English
Harcourt Grammar Glossary
FunBrain Grammar Gorillas
MakeBelieveComix – Create your own comic
Word Mosaic – Word Clouds

Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, & Myths

Fractured Fairy Tales
Story Mapping
Plot Mapping



Math Games – Mr. Nussbaum
Thinking Blocks – MathPlayground – Math Practice
That’s a Fact – Harcourt Math Facts
Math Word Problems
Grouping & Grazing – Count by 5s, 10s, Add, Subtract
Mystic Number Puzzles
Math Games – Sheppard Software
MathPlayground – Games, Word Problems, How-to Videos
Math Jeopardy Games
Math Journey
AAA Math – 4th Grade Topics
Drag-N-Drop Math
Place Value Pirates
Computation Castle-Cool Math for Kids

Multiplication & Division

Multiplication Mine – Math Games, Online Quizzes, Flash cards, etc.
Math Trainer – Multiplication
Math Magician – Multiplication
Math Magician – Division
Snork’s Long Division Game

Area, Perimeter, Angles

Dunk Tank – Area
Area & Perimeter Games
Measuring Area & Perimeter
FunBrain – Area and Perimeter
Estimating Angles
Angles Jeopardy Game
Dunk Math –  Radius and Diameter of a Circle
Measuring Angles

Fractions & Decimals

MathPlayground – Fraction & Decimal Games
Fractions – Adding & Subtracting
Adding Fractions
Equivalent Fractions
Equivalent Fraction Bingo
Dunk Tank – Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
MathPlayground – Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions
MathPlayground – Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers
Soccer Shootout – Fractions
FunBrain – Fresh Baked Fractions
Fraction Fling
Tony Fraction Pizza Game
AAA Math – Fractions
Decimals Jeopardy Game
AAA Math – Decimals
Decimals of the Caribbean
Decimals – Railroad Repair
Decimal Squares

Graphing, Mean, Median, & Mode

Create a Graph
Mean, Median, & Mode Games
Stock the Shelves – Co-ordinate Game
Billy Bug Co-ordinate Game
Homer’s Donuts Co-ordinate Game
Co-ordinate Graph Game


Factorization Forest
Prime Factorization Trees – MathPlayground
Factor Tree Game
Factors & Multiples Jeopardy Game
Math Jeopardy Games
Least Common Multiple – Snowball Game
Least Common Denominator


Type Rocket
Cup Stacking Typing Game
Keyboard Challenge
Typing Race
Keyboard Invasion
Alpha Munchies Typing Game
Keyboarding Sky Chase
Dance Mat Typing
Typing Ghosts
Typing Speed Test
Typing Test
Typing Test  – Test Your Speed and Accuracy!

Interesting Places

Channel Islands Park Information
Channel Islands Restoration
Island Packers
Channel Islands National Park – Ecological Restoration
Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks
Los Padres National Forest – Nature & Science
San Rafael Wilderness Activities
Santa Barbara Food Bank
Santa Barbara Humane Society
Alpha Thrift


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Game
Garbage Dreams
Recycle City

Box Turtles
Box Turtle Care
How to Care for Your Box Turtle
Box Turtle Care
North American Box Turtle

Weather/Climate Change
National Weather Service
Weather History
Historical Weather
Almanac Weather History
Climate Kids – NASA
Weather Wiz Kids
Severe Weather
Weather Underground – Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara Tide Information
Seasons – EnchantedLearning
Seasons of the Year– NASA
Environment – National Geographic

Human Body
How the Body Works
Amazing Heart Facts – National Geographic for Kids
Body Systems –
Your Amazing Brain – National Geographic for Kids
Human Body – Links by
Body Systems – FactMonster
Blood Types – FactMonster

Rock Cycle
Rock Cycle -The Learning Zone
The Rock Cycle Interactive
The Rock Cycle Diagram
If Rocks Could Talk – American Museum of Natural History

GFS Astronomy Site
Our Solar System
Planetary Mysteries – American Museum of Natural History
The Nine Planets
Zoom Astronomy
ScienceU Observatory -A Solar System Simulator, a planet finder, and more.
Welcome to the Planets
NASA Human SpaceFlight
Nasa Hot Topics
Windows to the Universe
Astronomy Myths

Moon Links
Google Moon
The Moon
Lunar Landing Videos of Apollo 11
Lunar Eclipses for Beginners
BBC Travel Guide to the Moon
Moon Facts
Moon Facts – Dialogue for Kids
Phases of the Moon – Enchanted Learning
Label the Phases of the Moon
The Moon – Planets for Kids
Fun Moon Facts for Kids
Facts About the Moon for Kids

Kings Canyon – Science Camp
Black Bears – Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park
Cave Systems
Conifers for Kids
Conifers – Kids Research Express


Walking Tour of Santa Barbara

Social Studies

Mountain Ridge
More Day 3 Supplies – YouTube – Iditarod Drop Bags
Relax to the Northern Lights

US/World Geography
Interactive Continents – Mr. Nussbaum
U.S.A. Geography Games
World Geography Games
All 50 States – Links to Official Sites
Stately Knowledge
50 States
50 States – State Songs
State Maps/Quiz

Ben’s Guide to Government
The Constitution – Rules for Running the Country
The Constitution – Congress for Kids
Constitution – Fascinating Facts
The Constitution for Kids
Introduction to Independence

13 Colonies
The 13 American Colonies – Social Studies for Kids
Life in the 13 American Colonies – Social Studies for Kids
Daily Life in Colonial New England
Building a Colonial or Wampanoag Home
Colonial House – Interactive History – PBS
Liberty! – Colonial Daily Life – PBS
Puritan Life
Puritan Family of Early New England – Have Fun With History
Liberty! – The American Revolution – PBS
13 Colonies – Mr. Nussbaum
Colonial History
The 13 Colonies – Wikipedia Encyclopedia
American Revolution
The Library of Congress
Immigration: Stories of Yesterday & Today

Lewis and Clark
Lewis & Clark – PBS
Lewis & Clark – Mapping the West
Lewis & Clark’s Historic Trail
Lewis & Clark National Historic Park

Chumash Indians – Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians

Underground Railroad
Underground Railroad –
Underground Railroad – PBS
Underground Railroad – Escape from Slavery – Scholastic

U.S. Military
Career Fields
Skill Training
Armed Forces Careers
Air Force Careers
Explore the Navy

Countries of the World
Countries and Maps of the World – Ducksters
ClassBrain – Country Reports
Countries of the World

A Fact About the Nile
Sacred Animals of Ancient Egypt – BBC
Animals & Gods of Ancient Egypt
Animals in Ancient Egypt for Kids!
Animals of Ancient Egypt
Camel – Creature of the Desert
Ancient Egyptian Plants for Kids
Ancient Egyptian Plants
Important Plants Grown in Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt Palm Trees Faces Extinction
Ancient Egypt Coconut Trees
Ancient Egypt Geography
Maps of the Nile
Egyptian Environment

Egypt – The People
History of the Ancient Egyptian People
Egypt’s Golden Empire: A Day in the Life – PBS
Life in Ancient Egypt – Work and Occupations
Life of the People
Ancient Egypt Games & Hobbies
Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt: Clothing
Artisans of Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt for Kids: Food, Jobs, Daily Life – Duckers
Ancient Egypt: Medicine


Pixlr – Photo Editor
Mr. Picassohead
Interactive Color Wheel
BBC Color Wheel
Colors – Warm or Cool


How to Make a Leprechaun Trap
Slinky Trap Photo
High-Tech Trap


Stockmarket for Kids
Yahoo Finance