• December Highlights of the Month

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    December Highlights of the Month

    We are glad to share 4 of our fabulous Foothill Community members with you for the month of December, Nora Antenore 5th  Grade Teacher, Michele Hay 3rd Grade Teacher, Trisa Ranson 1st  Grade Teacher , Judy Donner Computer Science Teacher. They have been asked 5 student/children generated question as a fun way to learn more about them.  Please enjoy the responses. Thank you for all those who participated in the Highlights of the Month.

    Questions and Answers:

    1. Question: What is your favorite Vegetable?


    1. Nora Antenore: Artichokes

    2. Michele Hay: Artichokes

    3. Trisa Ranson: Cauliflower (especially with cheese sauce) and Kale

    4. Judy Donner: Avocado and Tomato (but they are botanically Fruit)

    2. Question: What language would you like to learn?


    1. Nora Antenore: I would love to learn Italian and more Spanish

    2. Michele Hay: American Sign Language

    3. Trisa Ranson: Italian

    4. Judy Donner: French

    3. Question: What is your favorite Movie?


    1. Nora Antenore: The Princess Bride

    2. Michele Hay: The Wizard of OZ

    3. Trisa Ranson: I adore old movies, love so many- A Lion in Winter, Rear Window, African Queen

    4. Judy Donner: Harry Potter series and too many to name

    4. Question: What is your favorite kind of Cookie?


    1. Nora Antenore: Thin Mints or M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies

    2. Michele Hay: Chocolate Chip Cookies

    3. Trisa Ranson: Chocolate Chip Cookies

    4. Judy Donner: Scottish Shortbread

    5. Question: What do you like to do for fun (hobby)?


    1. Nora Antenore: I love to cook and spend time with my Toddler

    2. Michele Hay: Hanging out at the Beach, Watch Basketball-UCLA and Lakers, Read

    3. Trisa Ranson: Love to Cook, Read, work in the Garden

    4. Judy Donner: Gardening and Reading

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