• April Highlights of the Month

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    We are glad to share 6 of our fabulous Foothill Community members with you for the month of April. Elizabeth Tracy DHH/Speech Teacher, Hollie Elmer Learning Center Teacher, Rose Aigner Yard Supervisor, Susan Lydon Lunch Clerk, Barbara Wolf Cafeteria, Lana KnudtsonYard Supervisor. They have been asked 5 student/children generated question as a fun way to learn more about them. Please enjoy the responses. Thank you for all those who participated in the Highlights of the Month.

    Questions and Answers:

    Question: What is your favorite Holiday?


    1. Elizabeth Tracy: Christmas
    2. Hollie Elmer: Thanksgiving
    3. Rose Aigner: Christmas because I get to spend it with so much of family.
    4. Susan Lydon: Christmas
    5. Barbara Wolf: Christmas
    6. Lana Knudtson: Christmas and New Years

    Question: What was your First Car?


    1. Elizabeth Tracy: 1969 Volvo, I bought it for $500.00
    2. Hollie Elmer: Honda Civic
    3. Rose Aigner: Chevy Nova given to me by my parents my brother had raised the back wheels and taken it down to its paint primer, but at least I had a car.
    4. Susan Lydon: Mustang
    5. Barbara Wolf: Chevy Impala
    6. Lana Knudtson: Toyota Corolla


    What was the Name of your Elementary School?


    1. Elizabeth Tracy: Oneonta in South Pasadena
    2. Hollie Elmer: John Brown Francis Elementary School
    3. Rose Aigner: Ralph Dunlap School in Santa Maria
    4. Susan Lydon: Franklin Ave. School in Toronto Canada
    5. Barbara Wolf: Guadeloupe Elementary School
    6. Lana Knudtson: Russian Elementary School #22

    Question: How many Siblings do you have?


    1. Elizabeth Tracy: I am the youngest of 5. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters
    2. Hollie Elmer: 3 siblings
    3. Rose Aigner:5 siblings, 3 sisters and 2 brothers
    4. Susan Lydon: 1 brother
    5. Barbara Wolf: 3 siblings, 2sisters and 1 brother
    6. Lana Knudtson:1 sibling a brother

    Question: What is your favorite Musician/ Musical Group?


    1. Elizabeth Tracy: I like U2, Don Henley and anything Motown.
    2. Hollie Elmer: Willie Nelson
    3. Rose Aigner: George Strait, Country Rocks, I like all kinds of music.
    4. Susan Lydon: Maroon 5
    5. Barbara Wolf: The Beatles
    6. Lana Knudtson: The Beatles


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